Desired imprint - for training presentation jacket

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Desired printing - for presentation jackets


You get a high-quality printing with your desired text, name, number, logo, crest, advertising, sponsor, etc. for our presentation jacket  (  presentation jacket( Trainingspullover please buy extra!).  High quality presentation jackets with your personalised print make the difference. Please select the presentation jacket you want to print and put it in the shopping cart. Afterwards please put the article for the desired printing for presentation jacket in the shopping cart. You can send your request for the print to our graphic department:  E-Mail:  The price refers to one desired printing with text, name, number, logo (vector graphics), crests, advertising, sponsor, etc. without training presentation jacket!     The matching presentation jacket and other sportswear can be found in our shop. Our products also work with coaches from the professional sector!



Product features:


  • High-quality desired printing for presentation jacket
  • presentation jacketplease buy extra!
  • Text, names, number, logo, emblems, advertisement, sponsor, etc.
  • Colour: as desired (one-colour)
  • suitable for all presentation jackets from our assortment
  • dimensionally stable
  • long life
  • Professional merchandise




Printing according to your ideas Notify us by email about your wish for the imprint, irrespective of whether its text, names, logos (vector graphic), emblems, advertisements, sponsors, etc. E-Mail:


Please email club logos or other logos as vector graphic always! There is an extra charge for complex logo or graphic processing.



Following printing options can be selected above:




  • One-sided (front side)+ 3.90 €



  • One-sided (back side)+ 3.90 €
  • both-sides+ 6.90 €


Have fun wearing!



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