You get a set consisting of 10 high-quality training balls and a match ball for children, size 4. You will also receive a matching ball bag for easy transport of 10 inflated footballs. The balls have a 4-fold coating for optimum resistance. The balls are hand-stitched and thus have very precise flight characteristics (to meet the prescribed standards of FIFA). Because of their Glossy PU material the balls have not only a great shiny appearance, but are also water repellent. The weight of the balls is 350-390 g and inside there is a quality TPU bubble ball. The matching exercises and training supports can also be bought in our shop. With our products already work teams from the professional sport.

Scope of the set:

  • 1 ball bag (can contain 12 footballs)
  • 1 high quality match ball
  • 10 high quality training balls in match ball quality
  • Size 4
  • Handstitched
  • 4x coating
  • Glossy PU material (glossy)
  • Great look
  • Optimal resistance
  • water repellent
  • Weight 350-390 g
  • Quality TPU bubble ball
  • Have very precise flight characteristics
  • Meets FIFA standards

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Good luck with your training!

Football set - 10 training balls + 1 match ball + bag (size 4)

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