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Ball pool balls - ø 5,5 cm

 You receive high-quality branded balls in colorful bright colors (color mix: yellow, red, blue, green, orange). The balls have a diameter of 5,5 cm and are ideally suited for filling of ball pools, children tents, paddling pool, etc. as well as for the extension of existing ball pools. They are made of high-quality PE plastic and tested according to DIN EN 71 therefore ideal for kids. They are lightweight and durable, so that children and babies can splash without risk of injury in the ball pool and additionally can learn gripping, throwing and colors. The balls are sold mixed in different sets. Just select the desired set size and put it in the shopping cart. The matching XXL bag - for ball pool balls and other products you will find here. Also, professional clubs buy from us! 


Product features: 

  • High-quality branded balls 
  • Different bright colors
  • Diameter: 5,5 cm
  • Material: high-quality PE plastic
  • Tested according to DIN EN 71 (without pollutants)
  • Color mix: Yellow, red, blue, green, orange
  • Light weight and durable
  • Stable but not hard
  • Pure unadulterated fun without risk of injury
  • Suitable indoor/outdoor
  • Professional quality


Simply select the desired set size above:

  • Set of    50     for     2,90 €
  • Set of   100    for     5,40 €
  • Set of   200    for   10,40 €
  • Set of   300    for   15,90 €
  • Set of   500    for   25,90 €
  • Set of  1000   for   51,90 €
  • Set of  2000   for 103,90 €
  • Set of  5000   for 258,90 €
  • Set of 10.000 for 495,90 €


Have lots of fun playing!



Ball pool balls - ø 5,5 cm

colorful bright colors, suitable for children

Item number 2100

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