FOOTBALL – Set of 10 TEAM 2.0 training balls (size 5) lightweight

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You will receive a set of 10 professional training balls (lightweight) for adults, size 5, which have a 4 layer coating for optimum resistance. The TEAM 2.0 training balls (lightweight) are hand-stitche and have very precise flight characteristics which meet the prescribed standards of FIFA. With the Microfiber PU material, the balls do not just have a great shiny appearance, but also have excellent flight characteristics and are water-repellent. The ball weighs 350 g, and inside there is a high-quality butyl bubble ball. Other ball sizes or the matching ball bag can also be bought in our shop. Teams from many professional sports already use our products.

Product details:

  • Set of 10 Professional training balls TEAM 2.0, (lightweight) 
  • Size: 5
  • Ball Weight: 350 g
  • Material: Hand-stitched 4x coating Microfiber PU material (glossy).
  • Possesses excellent flight characteristics, has a great look, and provides optimal resistance.
  • Water repellent, quality butyl bubble ball meets FIFA standards.

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