Trainer Poster – week planner 600 x 800 mm

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You will receive an innovative week planner as Trainer poster, including power strips and a wipeable board marker. This week planner has the dimensions 600 x 800 mm and is made of extra special coated material. That means the Trainer poster is writable with a boardmarker and is also wipeable and reusable. With this week planner, you can plan a full week and give players an overview of training dates and other important dates. Sharing this planner allows players to get a clear view of the complete training week. You can use the trainer poster for different purposes and thanks to the supplied power strips, attach to the door of the dressing room. It is easy to use and can be rolled. The black and white wipeable attendance list can be used as often as you like and is protected against dirt. Due to its extreme size, the entered data is very visible. You can buy other innovative tools for trainers in our shop. Coaches from the professional sector also work with our products.

Product details:

  • Dimensions: 600 x 800 mm
  • Flexible
  • Printed on both sides
  • Can even be rolled
  • Handy, compact, modern
  • Incl. wipeable board marker
  • 4 power strips for the wall are also included.

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Good luck with your planning of the week!

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