easy Sports-Graphics 8 - PROFESSIONAL for Windows or MAC

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easy Sports-Graphics 8 - PROFESSIONAL for Windows or MAC

Brief summary:

The drawing software for the ambitious trainer, trainers in managerial capacity, authors, coaches, presenter!   Create professional sports graphics very easily with easy Sports-Graphics 8.  Application areas are for e.g. Planning of training, training documents, printing, web sites, screen presentations, magazine articles.

The outstanding features of easy Sports-Graphics:

  • Very quick and easy operation (no instruction necessary!)
  • You can save your graphics and change them without problems if required
  • Export to the internet and Power Point until printing perfectly
  • The software is installed on your computer and your data is saved on your computer, not on any other server.
  • Absolutely professional graphics
  • Free email support
  • Certified experts were involved in conceptualizing the software!

The most important graphics and functions in easy Sports-Graphics 8 PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL:

  • More than 5000 professional player graphics
  • Different player categories, e.g. In football: standing players, runners, dribblers, passes, special kicks, figures for coordination training
  • Special figures: Trainer, Referee ad Linesman
  • More than 100 goalkeepers only in football
  • Football and handball: Men, Women, Boys, Girls
  • All graphics in two directions (mirrored)
  • Tricots in 10 colours, pants in 5 colours; shirt and pant separately coloured
  • Actions in 5 colours
  • Players and tools tiltable
  • Innumerable fields in each type of sport 2D, in perspective, halls
  • huge selection of accessories: Balls, gymnastic balls, hurdles, hoops, bars, rebound wall, gates, boxes, mats, coordination ladder with feet, etc.
  • Scale screen, multiple selection, copy & paste, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Selection of the image section during export
  • Image size selectable during export
  • Multi-line text
  • Tactical tools, automatic labelling

That’s easy Sports-Graphics 8:

1. Creating sports graphics is childs play

easy Sports-Graphics helps you create professional sports drawings.    With a huge selection of players, tools and actions such as running and pass routes features records exercises, games and moves. And the whole thing is very easy!

Eine Fußballübung, festgehalten mit easy Sports-Graphics


2. Select image section like in Photoshop

Select image section like in Photoshop

Drag the small blue handles to select a frame. Only in the PROFESSIONAL-Version.


3. Perfect image export

In the Coach-Version: small, large, medium.



4. Select figures by viewing direction



5. Object-Menus

Player menu

Objekt-Menü Spieler


Interesting and practical:
  • Simultaneous handling of several players
  • By clicking on the arrows below the preview you can see similar players.
Spieler-Menü der COACH-Version


Linientypen, Pfeilspitzen, Rundungen und Farben im Objekte-Menü Aktionen ändern




6. Scaling objects with the mouse

Figuren und Tools mit der Maus skalieren


7. Move or edit multiple objects at the same time



8. Turn actions


Die Aktionen in der COACH-Version

Actions in the COACH-Version


9. Multi-line text

mehrzeiliger Text


10. Print preview



11. Tactical tools





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