20 can - Profi Direktfarbe (Bundesliga white) 10 liter

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You get 20 cans Profi Direct Color (Bundesliga white) of Teamsportbedarf.de. Chalking like the pros: this marking paint is free of environmentally harmful toxins and develops a super luminosity. Our Direct Color is ready for use and must not be mixed with water. The color can be used in all conventional wet marking trucks. You get modern Direct Color, which is also used in professional sports. The matching wet marking truck is also available in our shop.

Product details:

  • 20x 10 l Profi Direct Color in can with screwshell
  • Bundesliga white,
  • Ready to use (must not be mixed with water),
  • Ranges mixing ratio 1: 1 for about 1 pitch (depending on the line width),
  • Suitable for all wet-marking trucks,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Very productive,
  • Super luminosity,
  • Dries quickly on the culm, even when wet After drying,
  • the pitch is immediately playable,
  • Can be kept at least 24 months (stored at min. 5 ᄚ Plus),
  • Made in Germany,
  • Professional quality,

Mixing recommendations:

  • First marking: directly without water
  • Further marking: 1 part paint, 1 part water.

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Good luck with marking!

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