Sport Lavit – Free Kick Spray REF FOAM 125ml

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You get a high quality free kick spray (125 ml) of Sport Lavit. The successful use of the free kick spray during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has made this supporting tool interesting for referees in the Bundesliga. SPORT LAVIT equips Bundesliga referees on time from the second round with our new product REF FOAM. REF FOAM marks the spot of the free kick and the rule-compliant putting on the right distance of the wall at set pieces. The spray is also ideal useful in training and supports coaches and trainers by marking game situations and positions. It is absolutely skin-friendly and biodegradable to 100%. Basic price per 100 ml: Euro 9.56. More Sport Lavit products can be found in our shop at supervisor needs. Also coaches from the professional sector work with our products. Note: The REF FOAM free kick spray of Sport Lavit is used by DFB referees of the Bundesliga as well as on regional level and the DFB Pokal. For use of the free kick spray, please ask your regional football association.

Product details:

  • Sport Lavit free kick spray REF FOAM,
  • Content: 125 ml (spray),
  • Coverage: 13-15 m,
  • suitable for spraying from waist height for marking the free kick position by the referee
  • can also be used for markings in training,
  • kind to the skin,
  • biodegradable 100%,
  • professional product.

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