Set of 10 Wooden Balance Boards - 48x37 cm

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Set of 10 Wooden Balance Board - 48x37 cm 


A set of 10 modern wooden balance board in studio quality. The rectangular wooden boards measure 48 x 37 cm and are designed for max. weight load of approx. 150 kg. With the wooden Balance Boards you train coordination, motor skills and balance. They’re ideal for beginners and advanced users, for yoga, competitive sports, rehabilitation, gymnastics, etc. They are also suitable as plank boards. The price refers to 10 balance boards made of MDF wood. You can find single boards as well as the matching training exercises in our shop. Professional sports teams already train with our products!


Product details:

  • set of 10 wooden balance boards
  • rectangular
  • dimensions: approx. 48 x 37 cm each
  • height: approx. 5 cm each
  • weight: approx. 1200 g each
  • max. weight load: approx. 150 kg each
  • material: MDF wood, plastic
  • surface: non-slip, roughened (abrasive paper structure)
  • color: MDF wood/black
  • professional product

Good luck with your training!

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