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Desired print - for T-Shirts


You will receive a high quality print with your desired text, name, number, logo, emblem, advertising, sponsor, etc. for our T-Shirts  (not included). High quality T-Shirts with your personalised print make the difference. Please select the T-Shirts you want to print and place them in the shopping cart. Then please enter the article for the desired print for the T-Shirts in the shopping cart. You can send your request for the print to our graphic department: E-Mail: The price refers to a desired print with text, name, number, logo (vector graphic), emblems, advertisement, sponsor, etc. without T-Shirts. Simply select the desired variant at the top and add it to the shopping cart. The matching T-Shirts for chikdren, ladies or men as well as other sportswear can also be found in our store. Even trainers from the professional areas work with our products!


Product features:

  • high-quality desired print for T-Shirts
  • Text, names, number, logo, emblems, advertisement, sponsor, etc.
  • Colour: as desired (one-colour)
  • suitable for all T-Shirts from our assortment
  • dimensionally stable
  • long life
  • Professional merchandise



Printing according to your ideas Notify us by email about your wish for the imprint, irrespective of whether its text, names, logos (vector graphic), emblems, advertisements, sponsors, etc. E-Mail:

Please email club logos or other logos as vector graphic always! There is an extra charge for complex logo or graphic processing.


Following print variants can be selected:

  • Logo + 3.90 €
  • Lettering + 3.90 €
  • Number/Initials + 2.90 €
  • Logo + Lettering + 6.90 €    
  • Logo + Number/Initials + 5.90 €
  • Lettering + Number/Initials + 5.90 €
  • Logo + Lettering + Number/Initials + 8.90 €

Good luck with training!




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