Sports ground – Dry-marking truc

High quality marking truc (dry), with a capacity of 30 liter strewmaterial

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You get a high quality marking truck (dry), with a capacity of 30 liter strewmaterial. The solid steel frame is painted blue and the inflated wheels ensure a smooth run of the car. Thus, the conditions for best marking results are set. Other applications include sports with a grass or clay court. With this marking machine strew materials such as chalk powder, gypsum and lime are used. The marking is delivered without strew material. Also professional clubs buy from us.


  • Marking-truck: dry,
  • Color: blue,
  • Weight: 20 kg,
  • Capacity: 30 l,
  • Roll width: 10 cm,
  • Color intensity: adjustable,
  • 4 Iiflated wheels,
  • Material: metal / synthetic,
  • Versatile Stable and durable.

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