Cone hurdles set of 5 - hurdle system

High quality hurdle system consisting of 5 complete cone hurdles

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You get a high quality hurdle system consisting of 5 complete cone hurdles. Overall, this package includes 10 marker cones 38 cm with holes and 5 matching hurdle poles 100 cm. Each cone has holes, which can be optimally combined with the hurdle poles. This hurdle system is ideally suited for the coordination, sprinting, jumping and agility training. Several hurdles can be set up optimally to a course and are suitable for all ages. The system is supplied in the colors red (Marker cones with holes) and yellow (hurdle rods), wherein the barrier bars are each about 100 cm long and marker cones approx. 38 cm high. The hurdles are made of solid and at the same time flexible synthetic and are almost "indestructible". Following hurdle heights can be realized with this system due to the existing holes in the cones: 11 cm, 22 cm, 33 cm. With this system already train teams from the professional sport. The matching exercises can also be bought in our shop.

Product details:

  • Cone hurdles Set of 5
  • Number: 5 complete cone hurdles, Pylon
  • height: 38 cm
  • Hole heights: 11-22-33 cm
  • Bar length: 100 cm
  • Color: red pylons + yellow bars
  • Condition: solid quality.

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