DVD - Sprint Training (50 Videos)

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50 videos for sprint training with sprint sled, sprint parachute, etc.

Focus on sprint training


You will receive a training DVD which reflects the versatile use of the sprint sled, the sprint parachute, the sprint belt and many other methods. The DVD offers 50 innovative video training units in the field of sprint training. Each training film has a length of approx. 25-30 seconds. With this DVD we want to inspire the coaches and give the players the joy of training. Innovative training methods and a competent speaker paired with high-quality film recordings make this DVD a unique support for the trainer.

If they also believe that there is a connection between good sprint and speed training and high performance in competition, then training exercises with this content must be a top priority.  The sprint training with and without auxiliary means takes up exactly this approach and offers the player a great perspective for further development. Some German professional clubs are already working with our training materials.

Training focus of the
DVD "Sprint Training":

  • short, fast sprints
  • long steps - short steps
  • responsiveness
  • sprint course
  • competition games
  • climbs
  • mini hurdle training
  • coordination training
  • exercises with the sprint sled
  • exercises with the sprint belt
  • exercises with the Sprint Umbrella
  • exercises with the coordination leader
  • short quick starts
  • etc.

Good luck with your training!

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