Set of 10 massagerolls 2 in 1 (muscle rolls) - 33x14 cm

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You get a set of 10 modern 2-in-1 massage rollers in studio quality. The massage rollers are made from stable EVA foam, with a length of about 33 cm and a diameter of about 14 cm, have a massage surface with knobs, and a surface profile. In the inner ring of the massage rollers, there is a second smaller massage roller (approx 33x10 cm), with which you can massage hard to reach areas of the body that can only be reached with difficulty. The 2 in 1 massage rollers are ideal for massage and strengthen the core muscles for beginners and advanced athletes, especially in rehabilitation and preventive training. The price refers to a set of 10 2-in-1 massage rollers. The matching exercises can also be bought in our shop. Professional clubs also buy from us!

Product features:

  • Set of 10 2-in-1 massage rollers
  • studio quality
  • Length Outer Roller: approx. 33 cm
  • Diameter Outer Roll: 14 cm
  • Length Inner Roller: approx. 33cm
  • Diameter inner roll: 10 cm
  • Weight (complete roll): ca. 835g
  • Hardness: 50 degrees (hard)
  • Material outer roller: EVA foam
  • Material inner roller: EVA foam
  • Material inner ring: PVC Surface
  • external roll: knobs and surfaces
  • Surface inside roll: non-slip
  • Color: Blue (external roller) and Green (inner roller)
  • Fields of application: rehabilitation, pilates, yoga, power sports, etc.
  • Ideal for massage and strengthening the deep muscles
  • Professional Goods

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