FOOTBALL - TEAM 2.0 professional training ball (size 5) light weight

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You will receive a professional training ball (light weight) for adults size 5, which has a 4 layer coating for optimum resistance. The TEAM 2.0 training ball (light weight) is hand stitched, therefore has very precise flight characteristics and meets the prescribed standards of FIFA. Its Microfiber PU material not only has a great shiny appearance, but has excellent flight characteristics and is water repellent. The weight of the ball is 350 g, and inside there is a high-quality butyl bubble ball. A complete training ball team set or the matching ball bag can also be bought in our shop. Teams from professional sports already work with our products.

Product details:

  • Professional training ball (light weight) TEAM 2.0
  • Size: 5
  • Weight: 350g
  • Material: handstitched 4x coating, Microfiber PU material (glossy).
  • Has excellent flight characteristics, a great look, and provides optimal resistance.
  • Water repellent, high quality butyl bubble ball meets FIFA standards.

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