GOALKEEPER Rebounder (return wall) - 80 x 80 cm

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You will receive an innovative Goalkeeper Rebounder, which is used in many areas of training (for example, goalie and technical training). The Rebounder (return wall) is handheld and can be easily adjusted to different angles (with 2 handles for the hands). It is designed so that the ball thrown by the goalkeeper bounces off the rebounder and then bounces back towards the goal depending on the direction the trainer wants. The Rebounder can be transported quickly and easily. You get a modern training device with the dimensions (W) 80 cm x (H) 80 cm. The rebounder is delivered completely ready for you to use. You will find the matching training catalogue in our shop.

  • Measurements: (W) 80 cm x (H) 80 cm
  • Material: solid metal frame and high-quality net
  • Net: mesh width about 2 cm
  • Weight: only 3 kg (very handy)
  • Quality: Absolute professional goods, with super bouncing effect

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Good luck with your training!

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