BIG REBOUNDERWALL - 3.60 x 1.80 m

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You will receive a Big-Rebounder Wall, which is used in many areas of training (for example, for goalies or group technical training). The Large-Rebounder Wall has the following dimensions: approximately 3.60 m x 1.80 m (WxH). It is designed so that the ball bounces from the net of thin bungee ropes and is rebounded back depending on the direction the coach decides. It can also be used for both target and group exercises, since the net is divided by color. The rebounder is quick to assemble and pack up again, and thus can be transported quickly and easily. You get a modern training device with the dimensions (W) 3.60 m x (H) 1.80 m. The Large-Rebounder Wall is delivered completely ready including frame, net and clips. You will also find matching exercises in our shop.

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