Balance board made from MDF wood 41 cm diameter – set of 10

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You will receive a set of 10 modern Balance Boards made from high quality MDF wood. The wood boards have a diameter of approx. 41 cm and are designed for max. weight loads of approximately 150 kg. With the wood Balance board you train coordination, motorial skills and maintaining balance. Balance boards out of wood are ideally suited for beginners and advanced sporters, doing yoga, in competitive sports, in rehab, doing gymnastics, etc. The price refers to 10 Balance Boards out of MDF wood. The exercises can also be bought in our shop. Also professional clubs buy from us!

Product features:

  • Balance boards out of wood - set of 10
  • Diameter upper board: approx. 41cm
  • Diameter hemispherical bottom: approx. 12 cm
  • Height: approx. 5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1,200 g
  • Max. capacity: 150 kg
  • Material: MDF wood synthetic
  • Surface: non-slip roughened (sandpaper structure)
  • Color: MDF wood / black
  • Professional goods.

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Good luck with your training!

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