Sport Lavit - Sports oil Aktiv (warming-up oil) 1000 ml

1000 ml high quality warming-up oil for game preparation

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20,90 (1000milliliter | basic price: 20,90 € / 1liter)

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You get a high quality warming-up oil (1000 ml) of Sport Lavit. The sports oil Aktiv is ideal for preparation and warming up before whether competition or training. Sustainable heating effect of the warming-oil has been scientifically established from Thermography Institut Berlin. It preserves the muscle heat and protects against moisture. Basic price per 100 ml: € 2.09. More Sport Lavit products can be found in our shop under supervisor needs. Also coaches from the professional sector work with our products.

Product details: 

  • Sport Oil Aktiv (warming-up oil) 
  • Content: 1000 mwarming-up oil
  • Sustainable thermal effect
  • Preserves the muscle heat
  • Protects against moisture

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