Air Mannequin Training Dummy TEAMI junior (160 cm) - inflatable

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The Training Dummy TEAMI junior is a modern training device for kids and youth that has the size and shape of a fictitious opponent. The TEAMI junior gets its stability and shape only by filling with air (body) and water (foot), thereby reducing the risk of injury to a minimum. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The TEAMI junior is inflatable, so there is no risk of injury in physical contact. You get a modern training equipment which is also used in professional sports. The matching exercises, you will find in our shop too.

Product features:

  • Training Dummy Teami junior for kids and youth.
  • Size: 160 cm.
  • Solid sheet material.
  • Innovative footer.
  • Very resilient.
  • Filling with air (body) and water (foot).
  • Two handles on the sides.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Professional good.
  • Applications: Goalkeeper training, Goal situations, Header Training, Technics training, Coordination training, Tactics training, Dribbling, Standard situations.

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