Imprinted T-shirt - with team name and number

You will recieve an mprinted T-shirts with team name and number and very well made - extremely tear-resistant. The material is suitable for printing of advertising or club names or or or... This T-shirt is perfect for training, leisure and work! Simply select the desired size and the amount and off you go. The price includes 2 imprints: number (front) and club name (rear). Teams from German professional football use our products too. See for yourself!


Product features:

  • Imprinted T-shirt with team name and number
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Extremely tear-resistant,
  • Imprint: number (front) and club name (rear),
  • The color of printing: as desired (also colored),
  • Weight: 185 g / mᄇ,
  • Color: white
  • Top quality



Customised prints: Whether it's a position, names, numbers, sponsor, logos, fonts etc., just let us know by e-mail: personalise@teamsports.comYou will receive a detailed invoice with every purchase!

Please always send us your club logos or other logos as vector images. For complicated logos or images, we charge an additional fee.

You are welcome to request quotations for larger orders at the following e-mail address: 


Good luck with your training!

Imprinted T-shirts - with team name and number

Imprinted T-shirt - with team name and number

T-SHIRT - with imprint number front, behind team name

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