T-PRO PeanutRoll - Fascia roller

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T-PRO PeanutRoll - Fascia roller


You get a modern studio-quality T-PRO PeanutRoll fascia roller. The massage roller made of fixed form EVA foam, with a length of approx. 30 cm and a diameter of approx. 14 cm, has an ergonomic design with a massaging surface.  The innovative 3-zone shape allows you to massage difficult to reach areas of the body while relieving the spine.   The medium hardness of the PeanutRoll is ideal for strengthening the deep muscles for beginners and for advanced, in rehabilitation and prevention training. The price refers to one massage roller.   A set of 10, other massage rollers or the appropriate training exercises can also be purchased in our shop. Professional teams already train with our products!

Product features:

  • T-PRO PeanutRoll - Fascia roller
  • In studio-quality
  • 3-Zone design
  • Length or outer roller: approx. 30 cm
  • Diameter: approx. 14 cm
  • Weight approx. 830 g
  • Degree of hardness: medium
  • Material: EVA foam
  • Applications: Rehabilitation, Pilates, Yoga, Performance sports, etc.
  • Ideal for massage and strengthening of the deep muscles
  • Professional merchandise

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