T-PRO Marking System 2 - for footpaths, alleys, parcours and playing fields

professional marking on lawns

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T-PRO Marking System 2 -

for footpaths, alleys, parcours and playing fields 

With this set you can mark running paths, alleys, parcours and playing fields on the lawn very well. The power bungee ropes are tightly tensioned between 2 slalom poles each, at the height of the turf. The lengths of the power bungee ropes can be varied and can therefore be used flexibly. The articles contained in the set can also be purchased individually in our shop. Trainers from the professional sector also work with our products.

Scope of the set:

  • 4x power bungee ropes 1.80 m (light) - stretchable to 3.60 m - 4.00 m 
  • 4x power bungee ropes 3.00 m (light) - stretchable to 6.00 m - 7.00 m 
  • 16x clamping rubber 
  • Colour: Black
  • 8x Slalom poles 160 cm (Colour:Yellow)
  • professional product

Good luck with the training! 


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