FOOTBALL - COMPLETE SET “Turbo training football” (105 parts)

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Complete set - “Turbo training football”

                           Complete set - compiled with help from Martin Hasenpflug

High-quality complete set

You get a high-quality complete set (105 parts) around the “Turbo trainer football” theme. The “turbo trainer football” is one of the training methods developed by Martin Hasenpflug for the junior football. Unlike classic training methods, it is not based on more than a dozen separate focuses, but on only six and interconnected game and tactical topics. The game topics are technique, speed and ball circulation and the tactics of four-chain, pressing and game structure. We have put together this set with help from Martin Hasenpflug and it contains all necessary training aids to implement his system. Coaches from the professional areas work with our products.

Contents of set:

  • Training book - “raining football” (optional , price 9.90 €)
  • 10 training balls + 1 play ball + sack (Size 5)
  • Set of 3 - yellow slalom poles (2 parts) 1.80 m
  • Set of 3 supporting feet - for slalom poles ø 3 cm
  • 1X coordination ladder - flat 6 m
  • Set of 2x 25 cones (incl. base) - Marking plate
  • 2x hand counters - high quality
  • 1x bib strap ring
  • 10x bibs size: XL (adults) or M-L (youth), color: White
  • 10x bibs size: XL (adults) or M-L (youth), color: Red
  • 10x bibs size: XL (adults) or M-L (youth), color: Blue


Good luck with training!

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