TEAMI Cart - Dummy Transport Trolley

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TEAMI Cart - Dummy Transport Trolley


You receive a high quality and sturdy TEAMI Cart transport trolley with a capacity of up to two TEAMIS. Just place them and start. Thus, TEAMIS can be easily transported onto the whole playing field. The TEAMI Cart transport trolley offers a safe grip and preserves the turf. He is also perfect for transports on artificial turf or indoor. The price is for the TEAMI Cart transport trolley, without TEAMIS. You can purchase suitable TEAMIS as well as other free kick dummies and transport trolleys in our shop. With our products you train as a professional!


Product characteristics:

  • TEAMI Cart - Dummy transport trolley
  • safe and fast transport of TEAMIS
  • for a maximum of 2 TEAMIS
  • Sizes: 110 x 52 x 1,2 cm
  • Colour: blue
  • smooth wooden surface
  • Loading capacity: up to 150 kg
  • ideal for turf, artificial turf, hard court or indoor
  • with 4 puncture-proof solid rubber wheels
  • the price is just for the trolley without TEAMIS
  • Professional

Good practice!



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