T-PRO tactics foil 550 x 830 mm (self-adhesive) - Hand ball

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T-PRO tactics foil 550 x 830 mm (self-adhesive) - Handball


You get a modern, self-adhesive T-PRO handball tactics foil 550 x 830 mm. The electrostatically charged special foil lasts on almost any surface and is supplied in a roll of 20 foils. Tactical instructions can be sketched on the slides, for example, with board markers or permanent markers from our product range. In away games, the foils can be easily attached e.g. to the cabin door or to the wall. Just fold it up and put it in your trouser pocket. The T-PRO Tactical Films adhere multiple times and are thus usable several times. For the ideal care and use of tactic films, we recommend cleaning your whiteboard surfaces 2x a month with the whiteboard cleaner spray in combination with the whiteboard cleaning cloth. The corresponding accessories and other training aids can also be purchased in our shop. Even professional trainers work with our products!

Product features:

  • T-PRO Tactics foil - Hand ball
  • Self-adhesive (electro-static)
  • For perfect fix on the wall and door
  • 20 piece roll (easily detachable)
  • Dimension: 550 x 830 mm
  • Playing field colour: White
  • Line colour: Black
  • Board marker: washable
  • Permanent-Marker: not washable
  • Can be folded together
  • Adheres multiple times
  • Flexible applicable
  • Professional merchandise

Good luck with training!


T-PRO Fussball Taktikposter


T-PRO Fussball Taktikposter


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