T-PRO biological lighter (sample set, 5 pieces) - for BBQ and chimney

carbon neutral - made in Germany

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T-PRO biological lighter sample set - for BBQ and chimney


You get a high-quality T-PRO biological lighter sample set of 5 pieces for a simple and, moreover, safe lightening of the BBQ or the chimney. The biological lighter is made in Germany and is made of wood wool and natural wax. Both components are made of sustainable raw material and therefore 100 % carbon neutral. They burn odourless without releasing toxic agents and already one lighter is enough for one fire. The T-PRO biological lighter is handmade; that is why its length and diameter may vary. It guarantees a strong flame as well as a long lasting fire of about 10 min. We offer even more interesting T-Pro products.

Attention: Please do not store the T-PRO biological lighter above 45 ° C. The storage should be inaccessible to children. The lighter is NOT suitable for oil ovens!


Product characteristics:

  • T-PRO biological lighter
  • for BBQ and chimney
  • Diameter: each about 2-3 cm
  • Length: each about 6-8 cm
  • Carbon neutral
  • made of sustainable raw material
  • Made in Germany
  • long lasting fire (about 10 min)
  • strong flame
  • odourless and toxin-free

Good luck lightening!

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