Football - 20 Game Observation Sheets
innovative + discreet observation of the opponent, no pad necessary

Lots of info handy and compact

20 DIN A4 game observation sheets to observe the play of the opponent. They can be folded to DIN A6 for you to get 8 pages well thought of for an effective observation of the opponent (game analysis). The forms can be twisted and turned allowing you to quickly reach the different remark areas, such as guards or opponent line-up. The trick of the forms is, tat due to the cleverly designed folding technique you don’t need an annoying pad and can avoid the unnecessary attention. The professional opponent observation is no longer a problem. Theme areas of the observation sheets are:

Product features:

  • Football game observation sheets (20 sheets)
  • Format: DIN A4 (foldable to DIN A6)
  • Contents: 20 sheets (100 g/m²)
  • Print on both sides
  • Professional quality

Theme areas:

  • Line-up
  • Venue, date and time of the match
  • Cards and warnings
  • Standard situations
  • Guards
  • Who’s at the wall
  • Replacements and exchanges
  • Who’s missing? And why?
  • Goal scoring chances/Scores 1. half time
  • Goal scoring chances/Scores 2. half time
  • Result at half time
  • Result at the end of the game
  • Etc.

Good luck with the game observation!


Football – Game Observation Sheets (20 Sheets)

Practical aid to observe the opponent team

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