The perfect volleyball training for the whole team

In volleyball, more than in any other sport, the perfect interaction of the team is essential. No matter whether in the junior league or in the Bundesliga, whether with women or men, in a friendly match or in the finals - every player has his place on the volleyball field and is responsible for the success of the entire team. In order to meet this challenge, an optimal volleyball training for the entire team is necessary and the perfect volleyball equipment is the best prerequisite.

The most important basics and information about volleyball

It is true that the practical experience is the best training, yet theoretical knowledge is also of great importance for tactical games such as volleyball. This is especially true for the different movement sequences of the different duties and positions. In order to acquire this knowledge, we offer many different card libraries. General card collections inform you about volleyball training and you can always consult them if you have any questions. You can also learn about and optimize special subject areas with the corresponding card libraries. Practice materials to train serving, perfect acceptance and exact passing are available for the whole team. The cards can also be used to study different types of attacks and important blocking and defence activities. The large number of card libraries and the range of different books for players and coaches show how important theory is for later practice, even if playing itself is certainly more fun. Of course, volleyball is even more fun when you are successful thanks to optimal preparation so the team can even win the finals.

The great importance of speed, responsiveness and condition in volleyball

Besides the theoretical knowledge, the physical condition is also very important for a successful game. The fast game, in which balls are served, passed and smashed from one side to the other within seconds, requires a high level of responsiveness, which can only be achieved if you are concentrated and absolutely fit, and especially within a team this must apply to every player as a member of the entire team. Such concentration is often more frequent among women than among male colleagues, and more prevalent in the Bundesliga than among the juniors. However, mental strength is important for every game and must be trained and encouraged from the start. Basic speed is also necessary, because even if it is a small playing field and everyone must cover their area, there is not much time to react to the fast balls. The optimal condition is also crucial. This is important for the players to be cncentrated both physically and mentally throughout the entire game and to be available to their team as optimal support. Endurance training is therefore key in volleyball. This training is best done outside, no matter if you walk through the forest with juniors or send men and women to the nearby sports field to practice their conition there. Mini or ladder hurdles or the construction of a circuit training, for which also a variety of slalom poles and hats are available as effective accessories, are suitable for the sports field, besides the round races. In addition to fitness, good sprint and coordination training is also important in order to be optimally prepared for the next game in all respects. For extensive tips and tricks, you can also use different card libraries, for example for successful regeneration and perfect endurance. It is of course the training games in the gym that show whether fitness and endurance training was successful or whether it needs to be further optimised.

Winning through to the finals with the bes tactics

The right tctics is important for the training matches as well as for the championship matches in the Bundesliga or winning through to the finals. The trainer must be familir with such a tactic and therefore must acquire new knowledge from experience but also from many books and card libraries. The coach also must be able to communicate his plans to every player in such a way that the entire team knows how to play volleyball. For this reason, there volleyball equipment comprises a lot of items that no coach can do without. There are tactical boards on which he can record his plans. So-called magnetic boards are particularly suitable for this purpose. On the one hand, they can be used to write down the targets with the appropriate board markers and at the same time, important details such as positions and movement sequences can also explain them to the players using magnets. Especially the use of washable markers and magnets makes it possible for the coach to change his tactics within shortest time and to explain it to the team.

Further volleyball accessories for the optimal game

Volleyball equipment also includes certain organizational items that are not directly relevant to the game but are nevertheless important for the volleyball team. For example, there are folders for the players' cards, different types for an annual planner on which the entire team can always see which matches are scheduled or which training is announced. There are also trainer folders for the coach himself where he can collect all the information for the team that are important for his success in volleyball. The jersey suite is suitable for the whole team and the matching uniform sport bags form a very special team spirit in the volleyball team and are an important factor for the success of the team.