The best conditions for successful field hockey

Field hockey is one of the most popular sports in Germany, but its popularity can by no means be compared with sports such as football or basketball. The success of Germany's national teams - both women's and men's - has boosted the appeal of field hockey, which becoming more and more popular, and it's becoming an active sport. Anyone who starts practicing a sport wants to enjoy it. On the other hand, however, there is always the goal of being successful and possibly even follow the success of the German national players. For a successful game there are many prerequisites for hockey and a lot of equipment is needed, which plays a big role for the players as well as for the coach.

The perfect tactics for successful field hockey

In field hockey, as in any other sport, tactics also play a major role in successful competition. This is where the trainer and his experience or ability to acquire this competence are needed. The most important thing about tactics is that they not only exist in the coach’s head but are also passed on to the players in a way that is understandable for everyone. Because the game will only be successful if everyone knows what the goal of the game is and how to behave. In order to visualize the entire field hockey team, the system and tricks to keep the opponent in check, the tactics boards, posters and folders available here are ideal. Especially the magnetic boards are very useful for hockey to show the team the plans for the field hockey game. With the appropriate board markers and a variety of magnets, all information can be displayed and changed at any time. The movable magnets can be used perfectly to illustrate movement sequences on the field. Especially when tactics are changed at short notice, these washable colors and the variable magnets provide an optimal opportunity for the trainer to work successfully.

Field hockey knowledge as a prerequisite for optimal training

The good tactics of the coach and the perfect realization by the team in the game is one thing. No game, however, is won by tactics alone, but requires extensive training in advance. The field hockey needs also a good knowledge of the training and for this there are numerous training cards available on this site, which contain modern and creative exercises for each training unit and are therefore a great tool for successful hockey for coaches and players. There are also various card libraries for theoretical knowledge on sprint training, coordination training and stretching exercises. The various card libraries offer excellent opportunities for further training, with which you can expand your knowledge and test and refresh it repeatedly.

Ultimately, the practice determines the success of a field hockey game

In addition to the important theoretical exercises and knowledge units, there is no question that the practice based on them is decisive for successful hockey. The practical training of course consists of the game during training, for which the colored bodices available here should not be forgotten as accessories for better recognition. But even in field hockey the required fitness and condition is of great importance before a game, which is why fitness training is especially important in order to bring all players to the best ability. The field hockey equipment therefore also includes utensils such as cones or mini hurdles, which are ideal for perfect conditioning and speed exercises. Coordination ladders, ladder hurdles as well as a variety of small cones complete the offer and make every round training successful. A team becomes successful also when it feels united. Therefore, it is important to achieve a feeling of unity in addition to the athletic strength, which can easily be achieved with the same outfit or sports bags available here.

The desk also plays a role in field hockey

Even though field hockey in Germany has not yet reached the status of many other sports, there are many things that a coach must do at his desk in order to provide the hockey team with optimal support not only on the field. On the one hand, it is very important to keep an eye on all matches, which is why the optimal match day sheets play just as important a role as weekly or annual planners. The planners are also important in setting up an optimal training plan so that the entire field hockey team reaches the goal that everyone has set for themselves. For everyone, a so-called performance table can always be created in field hockey training in order to keep track of the individual status and corresponding training requirements. What looks like a great control is nothing more than an excellent preparation, which brings everyone to the performance they wish themselves for a successful field hockey game. Training, motivation, tactics, endurance, cohesion, specialist knowledge and the always optimally satisfied field hockey needs will always ensure that the enthusiasm for hockey continues to grow and become more popular.