Sportswear - ideally equipped for training and tournaments

Sportswear from is the ideal football companion. Whether for clubs, individuals or hobby footballers - here you will find the right equipment and sportswear for every football enthusiast. offers a large selection of high-quality sports articles and accessories, all of which are characterized by their functionality and thoughtfulness for both men and women. After all, the online shop is not only focused on the highest sales figures but would also like to help sports enthusiasts to be optimally equipped for their hobby and their team sports passion.

The versatile range of sportswear

Especially for football, the right and suitable sportswear is an important criterion, because only with the right clothing and accessories, such as shirts, the real "football feeling" comes up. In order to make this possible, our shop is completely dedicated to offering quality sportswear at a reasonable price.

Football trousers as sportswear for women and men

Above all, the trousers should be comfortable and should not restrict movement. Football can often be a fast and a bit harder sport, so annoying seams, poorly processed materials or too little freedom in the pants to play football are undesirable. Breathability is important so that you don't sweat too much, even during strenuous phases in training or during a game. This is also an important factor for the comfort of the trousers.
There are only a few limits to your own taste during training, so the choice of colour is quite free, even if black usually dominates. This may be since stains on a darker background are less noticeable than on white, for example. Every pair of trousers will probably get stains, because it's not uncommon in football for the player to let himself fall lengthways over the grass to get in the way of an opponent's manoeuvre.
In the shop you can choose from a variety of colours, so that the team can easily show their unity by choosing a team colour. This creates solidarity and signals unity to the opponent.
Other practical features of the trousers are sewn-in pockets to store smaller items and an adjustable waistband that adapts individually to the player's body. After all, women are just as active on the field as men.

Football jerseys play just as big a role as trousers in football sportswear. Together they form an irreplaceable set that almost every football player owns and uses for his hobby.
They are the outerwear for women and men in every tournament and, like the trousers, signal the unity of a team through their identical design. It is only through this special sportswear that both teams can be distinguished from each other in the often fast and rough events of a football match. In addition to the visual appearance, the jerseys should also be functional. Breathable materials protect against overheating of the body due to exertion during sport and durable fabrics also withstand one or two attacks undamaged. Of course, sportswear is washed relatively frequently and should therefore not suffer any major colour loss or changes in fit. In order to guarantee this, you should follow the washing instructions in the jersey as closely as possible. Usually colour or mild detergents are the right choice, whereas bleaching agents should be avoided in order not to damage the fabric.

Football boots are an important part of sportswear

In addition to shorts and jerseys, shoes are the third and last part of the basic equipment of sports clothing when it comes to playing football. They support and protect the player's foot - his or her most important part of the body in this sport, with which almost everything is done.
Due to the importance of the feet, shoes should be well adapted. They should support bones and joints without unnecessarily restricting them. In addition, the shoes are an important protection for this very sensitive zone in football, because the opponent often accidentally or even deliberately steps on the player's foot and thus on the shoes. In addition to the fit of the shoe, the cleats are an important criterion that should be adapted to one's own needs. There are different types of cleats available on the market, but they all have one basic purpose: to prevent unwanted slipping on the ground.
Since the surface of a football field can vary, there are also different types of cleats, each designed for a lawn, a clay field or a sports hall. The screw studs are a flexible all-rounder here; they are easy to replace and thus adapt to the ground.

Accessories are also an elementary component of sportswear

In football, the so-called bibs are accessories for men and women alike. These light, thin but hard-wearing shirts are cut quite loosely. They do not restrict the player's movements and are used, for example, to distinguish players easily from each other during training. By using different colours, often in neon, or prints, bodices quickly turn a uniformly dressed team into two groups that can be recognised at a glance. This can be useful, for example, in test matches within the team. Other articles are the special stockings that are often worn in football. These "football stockings" and are usually in the colours of trousers and jerseys. These stockings are used to keep the shin guards in place. They protect the otherwise quite fragile shinbone from injuries with their hard material. This completes every football outfit and gives the team a uniform appearance. Which colour is to be used for this is completely based on personal taste.

The Shop offers the special service to individualize many parts of the sport clothing with desired imprints. It does not matter whether you want to print numbers, names, logos, coats of arms or special advertising by sponsors, almost everything can be realized.