stand - for free kick dummy

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Stand - for free kick dummy
ideal for free kick dummies, training dummies, poles etc.

for hard, artificial grass courts and the sport halle

You receive the ideal accessories for free kick and training dummies to be used on hard, artificial grass courts and in the sport hall. The stand is suitable for our free kick and training dummies, as well as for slalom and hurdles. Simply insert the dummy and through the weight (approx. 10 kg) of the rubber stand, the dummy stands very stable on the floor. The indicated price refers to every high-quality stand. Dummies and poles are not included in the price. The appropriate free kick and training dummies can be found in our shop.
Product details:
  • stand for free kick dummy
  • Weight: approx. 10 kg
  • Color: black
  • Material: rubber
  • Applications area: hard, artificial grass court + sport hall
  • Suitable for: dummies, slalom poles and hurdles
  • 2 practical handles at the sides
  • sizes and drawing as PDF file
  • professional articles


Suitable accessories: 


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