You get hurdle clips for combining hurdle rods (diameter 25 mm) with slalom poles (diameter 30 mm). Simply click the thinner barrier rod by means of the clip on the thicker slalom pole and ready is the hurdle system. Depending on the training goal the hurdle rods can also be placed on top of the clip, thus achieving an easy drop of the hurdle poles without much resistance. One clip side fits all rods with 25 mm diameter, the other side clip on all bars with 30 mm diameter (flexibly combined). Furthermore, they can be continuously rotated up to 360ᄚ, are made of solid synthetic and are almost "indestructible." The price refers to one single hurdle clip. The matching hurdle and slalom poles, can also be bought in our shop. Professional trainers also buy from us.


  • Color: Black
  • Diameter: 25 + 30 mm
  • Rotation angle: 360 °.

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Hurdle Clips 25/30 - for slalom and hurdle bars

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