Adhesive dot set for tactic foil - ø 20 mm

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Adhesive dot set for tactic foil - ø 20 mm

A high-quality adhesive dot set (35 pieces) for your magnetic tactical foil consisting of 15 yellow, 15 red and 5 black adhesive dots, with a diameter of 20 mm. The adhesive dots are ideal for displaying tactics, moves and setups on non-magnetic surfaces. The dots adhere through their electrical charge and can be easily removed or moved at any time.  For wet cleaning and optimal care of tactic foils, tactic folders as well as tactic boards, planner boards etc. we recommend our Cleaner Spray in combination with our cleaning cloth. These as well as the matching tactics folders, tactics boards and other magnet sets can also be purchased in our shop. Professional teams train with our products, too!


Product details:

  • 35 adhesive dots (15x red, 15x yellow and 5x black)
  • diameter: 20 mm
  • very flat
  • strongly adhesive (due to electric charge)
  • easy to write on
  • for tactics, formations, etc
  • ideal for tactical foils
  • professional quality


Good luck with your training!

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