Power bungee belt 1 – for sprint training + springiness

A modern training tool made of a kind of bungee gum for a perfect sprint and springiness training. The athlete in the front puts the shoulder straps on and starts running. The second athlete on the back holds the end of the power belt. The tension of the bungee rope creates the optimal resistance (bungee effect), for a professional sprint and springiness training. Due to the flexible and stable holder at the end of the belt, even one athlete can train with the device alone. Simply attach the power belt bracket to the fence or gate post and sprint away. This method can also be used in a goalkeeper training. The power bungee belt allows the athlete to sprint with an optimal resistance and achieve an enormous training effect. It can be used in different sports. You get the power belt with holders and fixing unit. Matching exercises are available on our dvd's and training cards. You can find other power bungee belts in our shop. Trainers of professional teams use our equipment, too!


Product features:

  • Power bungee cord 1 - for sprint training + springiness
  • Training with tensile strength
  • Bungee effect thanks to a kind of bungee gum
  • Shoulder strap and fixing unit included
  • Fixing units for goal posts or fence
  • Length of the rope: ca. 1,80 m
  • Colour: black
  • Quality product


Training focus on:

  • Springiness improvement
  • Sprint and reaction training
  • Jumping training
  • Musculature strengthening
  • Shooting power strengthening
  • Elasticity training
  • Goalkeeper training
  • Acceleration
  • Partner exercises etc.

Successfully used in VfL Wolfsburg
The junior training centre of the Vfl Wolfsburg trains with our power belts successfully:

”We are introducing the bungee power belts for the U19 speed training. Our trainer Stefan Schmidt is excited that we are going to use it more often in the coming future and also introduce it slowly in the younger age group.”
(Comments of the NLZ from 09.04.2010)

Good luck with your training!


Power bungee cord 1 - for sprint training + springiness

Power bungee cord 1 - for sprint training + springiness

modern sprint training with bungee effect + accessories – professional merchandise

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