88 videos for coordination training with ladders, hurdles, etc.

Focus on coordination training


You will receive a training DVD, which reflects the versatile use of the coordination leaders and various hurdle systems in the field of coordination training. The DVD offers 88 innovative video training units in the field of coordination training. Each training film has a length of approx. 25-30 seconds. With this DVD we want to inspire the coaches and give the players the joy of training. Innovative training methods and a competent speaker paired with high-quality film recordings make this DVD a unique support for the trainer.

In recent years, football has developed significantly in terms of professionalism and speed, especially in youth football. Therefore, it is not unusual for young talents to train 5-6 times a week. A study in the Journal Of Sport Science shows that South American top players have enjoyed much more ball contact than players in other countries in the course of their youth football careers. If they also believe that there is a link between good coordinative training and high performance in competition, then training exercises with coordinative content must be a top priority.  The training with coordination leader and mini hurdles picks up exactly this approach and offers the player a great perspective to develop further. Some German professional clubs are already working with our training materials.

Training focus of the
DVD "Coordination Training":

  • Use of the coordination ladder
  • Use of hurdles and mini hurdles
  • Exercises with coordination rings
  • Training of running coordination
  • Jump coordination training
  • Short quick steps
  • Improvement of running efficiency
  • Bounce
  • Action speed
  • Training of step sequences
  • The run ABC
  • Coordinative games
  • Motion sequences
  • Running trainings
  • Equilibrium capacity
  • Orientation ability
  • Course training
  • etc.

Good luck with your training!

Coordination training (88 videos) - DVD

88 exercise videos for coordination training

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