Rebounder soccer training (56 videos) - DVD

You will receive a Rebounder soccer training (56 videos) DVD, which reflects the versatile use of the Rebounder - also called rebound wall or rebound wall. This Rebounder soccer training DVD offers you 56 innovative video training sessions with the Rebounder. Each training film has a length of approx. 25-30 seconds. With this DVD we want to inspire the coaches and give the players the joy of playing football. This DVD is a unique support for the trainer thanks to the innovative training methods and a competent speaker, combined with high-quality film footage.

What is a Rebounder?

With the Rebounder, individual players can train ball acceptance, target accuracy and reaction ability. It is also very suitable for goalkeeper training. The rebounder (return wall) can be adjusted indifferent angles to achieve an optimal training result. It is designed in such a way that the ball bounces off it and is then used according to the coach's goals.

In the last few years, football ( aka soccer) has developed significantly in terms of professionalism and speed, especially in the area of junior football. It is therefore not uncommon for young talents to train 5-6 times a week. A study in the Journal "Sport Science" shows that South American top players enjoyed significantly more ball contacts during their childhood playing days than players in other countries. If you agree that there is a connection between the high technical level of South American top players and their high frequency of ball contacts and training, then you need to make training exercises with a lot of ball contact your top priority. The training with the rebounder addresses exactly this approach and offers the player a great perspective to work on it. Some German professional clubs are already working with our training gear.


Reboundertraining with the focus on:

  • Technique training with the Rebounder
  • Goalkeeper training with the Rebounder
  • Rebounder course training
  • Technique training "weak foot"
  • Direct passing
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Feel for the ball
  • Reaction training
  • Ball acceptance
  • Shooting power
  • Header training
  • Course training in competition form
  • Pass out of rotation
  • and more

Good luck with your training!

Rebounder soccer training (56 videos) - DVD



Rebounder soccer training (56 videos) - DVD

56 practice videos for training with the Rebounder

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