FOX 40 Classic - referee whistle

You will recieve a modern and professional FOX 40 Classic - referee whistle with a strong sound and an extremely shrill tone (about 115 DB). These FOX 40 classic whistles are also used in professional sports and are of high quality. You can choose between 4 different colours: black, yellow, red and blue. You can find more whistles here. Referees from professional football already work with our products.


Product features:

  • High-quality made FOX 40 Classic - referee whistle
  • Colors: black, yellow, red and blue
  • Extremely shrill sound (about 115 DB).
  • For all outdoor sports
  • Versatile
  • Professional Goods


And there's the whistle!


FOX 40 Classic - referee whistle

FOX 40 Classic - referee whistle

Modern professional whistle in 4 different colors

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