Training Aid Set (big) – Starter Set

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Training Aid Set (big) - Starter Set

A training aid starter set (big). The set contains many items needed for an innovative training. This allows you to put together numerous parcours and tasks. This training aid set with many items helps you make your daily training varied and effective. With this set, even inexperienced trainers can easily organize a professional training. Some German professional clubs already work with our training materials


Contents of the set:

  • 2x coordination ladders 6 m
  • 10x perforated cones, red - height: 38 cm
  • 5x hurdle poles - length: 1 m
  • 5x hurdle poles - length: 50 cm
  • 8x slalom poles 160 cm (ø 25 mm) 2-piece
  • 6x flex mini hurdles, height: 15 cm
  • 5x coordination rings, 40 cm, yellow
  • 5x coordination rings, 40 cm, red
  • set of 10 marking discs ø 15,5 cm with a bag, colour: red
  • marking cones (red) - set of 10
  • carrier (PVC) - for cones
  • 4x goal arches - width: 40 cm (square)
  • football-tennis equipment, width: 3 m

Good luck with your training!



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