Rugby-Belt (3 Colours) – Children

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Rugby-Belt (3 Colours) – Children


You will receive a high-quality rugby belts for training reaction. The belt easily trains the cognitive and visual skills. This will attempt to remove the tags from the training partner’s belt. The set includes an adjustable belt and 2 easily removable tags.  The adjustable, elastic strap ensures a high wearing comfort. The tags are available in 3 different colours (yellow, red and blue). Other interesting training aids can also be purchased in our shop. Professional teams already train with our products!



Product features:




  • High-quality rugby belt
  • Contains 2 tags
  • Available in 3 colours (yellow, red and blue)
  • Reaction training
  • Trains visual & cognitive skills
  • Adjustable belt


  • comfortable
  • Children’s game of catch
  • high-quality
  • Professional merchandise

Good luck with training!



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