Dummy shirt - with desired print
no matter whether company logos, club logos, numbers, names or advertising

training  like the professionals

You receive a high-quality dummy shirt (red, blue or black) for our free kick training dummy (grid). Simply pull the dummy shirt over the dummy and ready is the perfect view protection. Ideal for the free kick training or dribbling course. The dummy shirt can be printed according to your wishes also colored with names, club names, emblems, logo, advertising etc. Just select the desired quantity, color and print position and put them in the shopping cart. Here you can advise our graphics department about your desired print: e-mail: personalise@teamsports.com. The price refers to a dummy shirt without the dummy. The appropriate free kick training dummies (grid) or dummy shirts without desired print can be found in our shop. With our training aids work also trainer from the professional sector.

Product features: 
  • dummy shirt with desired print
  • Colors: red, blue and black
  • with desired print (also colored)
  • name, club name, emblems, logo, advertising etc.
  • Print: one-sided or double-sided (surcharge: 2,50 €)
  • Material: polyester, elastane
  • washable at 30°C
  • ideally suited for free kick training dummy (grid)
  • professional articles
Printing according to your requirements.  No matter whether they are text, logo, emblems, number, advertising, sponsor, etc. just e-mail us your request for the print. E-mail: personalise@teamsports.com
For complex logo or graphic processing a surcharge is added.
The price refers to a one-sided printed dummy shirt. Surcharge for double-sided print (2,50 €).
Suitable accessories: 


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Lots of success with your training!


dummy shirt - with desired print

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