Shoulder strap - for power bungee rope

modern sprint training with the bungee effect

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Shoulder strap - for power bungee rope

You get a robust, high-quality strap for the shoulder (incl. Metal ring) for the power bungee rope. You can attach the rope to the body using the strap. The carbiners of the bungee rope are fixed to the metal ring of the shoulder strap.  You can train your reaction, strength, sprinting speed, etc. with our power bungee rope. Only the shoulder strap and the metal ring are included in delivery. You can also purchase the matching bungee ropes, DVDs and training cards in our shop. Even trainers from professional sports work with our training aids!

Product features:

  • Shoulder strap - for power bungee rope
  • Incl. rear metal ring (for hooking the carbiners)
  • For attaching the power bungee rope to the body
  • Training with tensile strength
  • Colour: Black
  • High-quality and robust
  • Professional merchandise

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