Power Bungee cord 2 - sprint training 3 m length

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Modern training equipment from a kind of bungee rubber, for optimal sprint and power speed training. Both athletes put on the waist belt. The first athlete sprints forward and the 2nd athlete remains behind standing as a counterweight on the same place. It is also possible that both athletes start running in the opposite direction. At a certain point, an optimum resistance (bungee effect) is achieved by the tension of the bungee cord, which allows a professional sprint and power speed training. The waist strap of the second athlete may also be attached to a fence or a post to create an effective individual training. This method can also be very well be used in the goalkeeper training. The power-bungee strap allows the athlete to sprint with optimal resistance to create an enormous training effect. It can be used in several sports. You get a 3 m power cord incl. 2 abdominal belts. Also coaches from professional sports work with our training supports. The matching exercises can be found in our training card system and on DVD, more power belts in our shop.

Product details:

  • Power-bungee cord,
  • Training with resistance,
  • Bungee effect by a kind of bungee rubber
  • incl. 2 abdominal belts stable connecting the safety belts to the power cord for training with 2 athlete,
  • Length of the rubber rope: approximately 3 m,
  • Color: black,
  • Training focus: Improvement of explosive strength, Sprint and reaction training, Improving jump power, Muscle strengthening, Explosive strength, endurance acceleration training, with two athletes also for the goalkeeper training etc.,
  • German Champion 08/09

Successful application at VfL Wolfsburg: The development center of VfL Wolfsburg trained successfully with our power cords: "We used the power bungee cords for the speed training in the the U19 team. Our coach Stefan Schmidt is excited. We will use them more often in the coming period and also slowly introduce it in the lower age groups." (Comment of NLZ on 09/04/2010)

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