You get a high quality ice spray of The recipe has been improved in professional quality! The cold spray provides rapid relief from pain and swelling and is characterized by a long-lasting cooling effect and can be sprayed from a distance of about 20 cm directly to the appropriate skin site. It is solvent-free and kind to the skin. The Price 2,90 Euro refers to one single can of ice spray (300 ml). Simply by changing the package size, you can select up following packagings: 5 tins, 10 tins and 20 tins. Also coaches from the professional sector work with our products.

Product details:

  • High quality (professional quality),
  • Contents: 300 ml ice spray,
  • Application: for bruises, swelling, etc.
  • No Chlorofluorocarbons,
  • good skin compatibility
  • soothing,
  • Just choose the packaging above: 1 can of ice spray - 2,90 Euro (price per 100 ml Euro 0.96) 5 cans ice spray - 12,90 Euro (Price per 100 ml Euro 0.86) 10 cans ice spray - 24,90 Euro (Price per 100 ml Euro 0.83) 20 cans ice spray -Euro 47.90 (price per 100 ml Euro 0.79).

You receive a detailed invoice with every purchase!

Good luck with the cooling!

Ice Spray 2.0 (cold spray professional quality) - 300 ml

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