Sport Lavit - Sportgel (cooling gel) 100 ml

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You get a high quality sports gel (100 ml) of Sport Lavit. The cooling and skin-friendly sports gel is used to support local treatment of sports injuries and symptoms such as strains, sprains, bruises and tendonitis, and for treatment of insect bites. Simply apply to the stressed areas and gently massage. Basic price per 100 ml: タ7,90. More Sport Lavit products can be found in our shop under supervisor needs. Many coaches from the professional sector work with our products.

Product details:

  • Sportgel (cooling gel)
  • Content: 100 mL,
  • Application: cooling sports gel
  • cools bruises, strains, tennis elbow, etc.
  • Revives and prevents tired legs
  • Prevents against soreness
  • With Japanese mint oil
  • Skin-friendly.

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