Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant Replica v24 - soccer ball size 5

You will receive a high-quality Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant Replica v24 in size 5. Due its weight of about 430 g, this training ball meets the standards for game days and is therefore perfect for the training. The PU material with a diamond structure not only provides a great eye-catching look, but also offers excellent flight characteristics and a better feeling for the football. All DERBYSTAR soccer balls are made of PU material and are therefore PVC-free. The premium butyl ball bladder and the double-glue valve are designed to provide the best bounce characteristics with a minimum of air loss. As a result, they are softer and more precise to play.The price refers to a single Derbystar Apus S-Light v23 training ball in size 4. Matching ball bags, additional balls or other Derbystar training balls can also be purchased in our online shop. Professional sports teams are already training with our products!

Product features:

  • Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant Replica v24 soccer ball  
  • Cushioning and lightweight, high durability and an optimal grip
  • Top class training ball size 5
  • Weight: ca. 430 g
  • Colour: white-blue
  • Impact ball: soft
  • High-quality butyl ball bladder
  • PU material with diamond structure
  • Excellent flight characteristics
  • Optimal resistance
  • Stunning design
  • Water-repellent
  • Durable
  • Suitable for all floor coverings


This ball gets the job done!


Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant Replica v23 - soccer ball size 5

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Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant Replica v24 - soccer ball size 5

Cushioning and lightweight, high durability and an optimal grip

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