set of 3 - T-PRO football flip chart note pads

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FOOTBALL - flip chart note pads set of 3
3 x T-PRO football flip chart note pad (each 25 sheets) - 24 tactic zones (A - X)

  Size:  600 x 900 mm

You receive a set of 3 T-PRO flip chart note pads 600 x 900 mm, each with 25 sheets (with 3 perforations). The football field is divided into 24 tactic zones (A - X). By the division into tactic zones, players get a better position feeling and the trainer can coach with short zone references even during the game. This note pad is suitable for refilling our modern tactic flip chart, but is also compatible with existing flip chart systems. The implementation of tactical objectives can be made easier with this tool because every move can be demonstrated perfectly. Included in delivery are 3 T-PRO football flip chart note pads each with 25 sheets (without flip chart). You can find the appropriate flip chart in our shop. Also professional trainers buy from us.
Product details:
  • set of 3 T-PRO flip chart note pads (football)
  • each with 24 tactic zones (A - X)
  • Size: 600 x 900 mm
  • each 25 sheets (100 g/m²)
  • with 3 perforations
  • high-quality processing

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