T-PRO board 400 x 650 mm - football

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T-PRO board  - 24 tactic zones (A - X)

  Size:  400 x 650 mm

You receive a high-quality magnetic T-PRO board (400 x 650 mm). On the one side of the board is a normal green football field and on the other side a T-PRO football field with 24 tactic zones. The T-PRO field is divided into 24 tactic zones (A - X) . By the division into tactic zones, players get a better position feeling and the trainer can coach with short zone references even during the game. The board is water resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use. Whether on the field edge, in the cab, at away games or directly on the training ground, the T-PRO board is versatile. Also professional trainers buy from us.
Product details:
  • T-PRO magnetic board - football
  • Size: 400 x 650 mm
  • with 24 tactic zones (A - X)
  • fields on both sides
  • Color: green with white field lines
  • integrated carrying handle
  • professional articles


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