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Slalom poles - cloth
Slalom pole cloth - 9 colours - elastic

modern coordination training

You will receive a high-quality slalom pole cloth made of elastic Lycra. The cloth can easily be stretched between 2 slalom poles (ø 25-32 mm) and is ideal as a screen in dribbling courses and as a training dummy for opponent simulation. The slalom pole cloth is available in 9 different colours, which can also be used to achieve a visual-cognitive training effect. Simply add the desired quantity and colour to the shopping cart at the top. The slalom poles are not included in the delivery. You will receive a modern training device which is also used in professional sports. You will find the matching slalom poles and modern training exercises in our shop.


Product details:

  • Slalom pole cloth (9 colours)
  • Material: elastic Lycra fabric
  • Dimensions: approx. 45 x 45 cm (LxW)
  • suitable for: Slalom poles (ø 25-32 mm)
  • Colours: Orange-Blue-Red-Yellow-Neongreen-Pink-White-White-Black-Neong Yellow
  • Fields of application: Dribbling course, opponent simulation

Good luck with your training!

Slalom pole cloth - 9 colours

Slalom pole cloth made of elastic Lycra fabric

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