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You get 1 cans Premium marking paint from Chalking like the pros: this marking paint is free of environmentally harmful toxins and develops a super luminosity. The viscosity of the color concentrate is adjusted so that water and ink mix together almost alone. The color can be used in all conventional wet-marking trucks. You get modern marking paint, which is also used in professional sports. The matching wet-marking trucks, is also available in our shop.

Product details:

  • 1x 14 kg PREMIUM marking paint
  • in jerrycans 2.2-3.2 kg,
  • depending on the mixing ratio for one fieldmarking ranging in mix proportion 1:5 for each 3-5 fields (depending width of the lines)
  • suitable for all wet-marking trucks,
  • environmentally friendly,
  • very economical,
  • super luminosity,
  • dries quickly on the stalk, even when wet after drying,
  • the field is immediately playable
  • can be kept at least 24 months (stored at min. 5ᄚ)
  • Made in Germany,
  • Premium quality,

Mixing recommendations:

  • First chalking: 1 part paint to 3 parts water
  • Further chalkings: 1 part paint, up to 5 parts water

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Good luck with chalking!

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